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I accept referrals from GP's, dental surgeons, consultants and other health care professionals.  I am happy to discuss cases prior to referral if needed (please call my secretary with details).


Referrals can be made by letter, or secure email.  I am also happy to see patients who attend bringing a referral with them on the day of clinic attendance. For referrals from dental practitioners, it is essential that I see any radiographs that are relevant to the problem.  For reasons of cybersecurity, it may not be possible to open images on CD's or memory sticks or those sent on transfer websites: I recommend you discuss with the relevant radiology department.


Please note that jaw x-rays (OPG) are only available at the Cambridge Spire Lea Hospital.


I also see patients who self refer and I am happy to see patients who have dental phobia or other phobias and anxieties.


I hold private clinics The Spire Lea Hospital in Cambridge and can sometimes see patients at short notice (call my secretary directly if there are specific concerns).  I see patients at the Nuffield Hospital by special arrangement only - please discuss with my secretary.


Please feel free to download and use the referral forms below.

Cambridge Spire Lea reception

The Cambridge Nuffield Hospital

Please download and use the referral proforma.

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